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Oct 12

Terrance West a healthy scratch for Browns

Rookie won't play against Steelers.

Terrance West – Running Back – Towson

West is a highly productive third-year junior who is entering the draft as an underclassman. He has been Towson’s leading rusher for three straight years. This year, West finished with 2410 yards rushing and 40 TDs. In his three year career, he ran for 4750 yards and 83 TDs! There are not many backs who have put up those kinds of stats regardless of the level of competition. His breakout game was in the FCS playoffs this year against Eastern Illinois, where he ran for over 350 yards and 5 TDs in the snow.

West has excellent running back size at about 5110 – 225. While he has size and good overall athleticism, he is not what I would call a really fast guy. I would estimate his speed at being around 4.65 – 4.68. He does have quickness and cutting ability to go along with really good strength and balance.

West lines up in both a pro set and a spread formation. When in a pro set, he is often lined up eight to nine yards behind the ball. He has good quickness to the hole, and being that deep allows him to do a very good job reading his blocks.

West is basically a one-cut back. He waits for his block and can cut off of it. He is not overly elusive, but he can make a tackler miss with a quick cut. He is a powerful runner who runs low and explodes into tacklers. He keeps his legs moving on contact and can consistently get yards after contact. It’s not unusual to see him carry two tacklers an extra two or three yards. He is best as an inside runner as he lacks the speed to consistently get the corner turned. As a receiver, he has good hands but is used mostly as a check down receiver. He will need work with his route running. As a blocker, he is willing but needs technique work. He lacks good hand use and does not consistently get and keep good position.

Overall, West is talented but limited. Because he is a power guy, there is a place for him at the next level. I don’t see him as a starter, but I feel he will be a good complementary back used in a rotation. Unless he runs a lot faster than expected, I see him as a “C” level player in gets drafted in the later rounds of the draft.