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Devonta Freeman – Running Back – Florida State

Size – 5082 – 206 – 4.58

Strong Points – Competitive and productive, consistent, vision and instincts, hands, adequate blocker, quicker than fast, durability

Weak Points – Size, short arms, timed speed, not a top after-contact runner.

2014 Stats – 173 carries – 1016 yards – 5.9 avg. per carry - 14 Touchdowns - 22 receptions – 278 yards – one touchdown

Summation – A third-year junior and a one-year fulltime starter, Freeman started some games the last half of the 2012 season. He played in a rotation with two other backs in 2013.

He does not have great size at 5082 – 206. He also has very short arms, measuring only 29 3/8” at the combine. Still, he is a tough competitor who gets the most out of every carry. He is a quick starter, but in the Florida State scheme, there are a lot of runs that start off with lateral movement and then a cut upfield. You don’t see that much in the NFL. He is better when he runs right to the hole. He has good vision and instincts and runs with good lean. He can make a cut in the hole and get to an opening. While he runs hard, he is not a really powerful guy. He can get some yards after contact, but he is not a move-the-pile type. He has shown effectiveness both inside and out.

As a receiver, he is reliable, running good routes and showing good hands. While he is not a home run threat, he consistently gets yards after the catch. He is most effective on screens and checkdowns. He is a willing blocker, but because he lacks size, he isn’t consistently effective.

I see Freeman as a good role player at the next level. He can be used in a rotation as a change-of-pace back. I don’t see him ever being a number one back, but he can be effective if he is given 10 -12 touches per game.

Grade B 6.4