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Jun 22

Browns agree to terms with Joel Bitonio

Second-round pick.

Joel Bitonio - Offensive Tackle - Nevada
Size - 6042 - 302 - 4.97
Strong Points -
Very athletic, productive run and pass blocker, play in space, use hands, alert, competitive
Weak Points -
May be maxed out size wise, narrow hips, gets stalemated at times
Summation -
Bitonio is a fifth year senior and a three year starter at Nevada. Has just adequate size at 6042 - 302. Has a bit of a narrow frame and may not have much growth potential.
Tested out as one of the better athletes among offensive linemen at the Combine. Ran under 5.00 and his agility drills and jumps were excellent. Has top body control and balance.
Plays from a two point stance and has very good initial quickness. In the run game he is able to come off the ball low and make solid contact. Keeps his feet moving and looks to gain ground. Have seen him get stalemated a few times against big people but usually is able to get some kind of movement. Takes good angles to the second level and can adjust on the move to hit a moving linebacker. Plays with bend and stays on his feet. Hand use is generally good but he will wind up at times with run blocks.
In the pass game he can set quickly. Has the lateral agility to slide and cut off a wide speed rusher. Shows a good punch. Has the feet and agility to mirror opponents through moves and stay in balance. Because he lacks top lower body girth he will give ground at times to explosive bull rushers. Is very competitive and when this happens he re-sets his feet and bends more. Is a natural bender.
Overall, Bitonio is very talented and athletic but his size is marginal. Because of that his technique has to be almost perfect. Has the tools to be a starter on the left side very early in his career. Some say move him to guard but I don't agree, he just doesn't have the natural size to hold up at guard. I see him as a solid second round pick. His frame is similar to Green Bay's David Bakhtiari who went in the fourth round last year, but Bitonio is stronger and more athletic.