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Apr 06

Two Michigan tackles on Dolphins' radar

Taylor Lewan and Michael Schofield.

Michael Schofield – Offensive Tackle

Schofield is a fifth year senior. He started at guard in 2011 and has been the starter at right tackle the last two seasons. Schofield has good size at about 6’6.5 – 305. He is not overly quick or fast but he is efficient. He will probably time in the 5.5 range. What I like about Mike is that he is a good competitor who knows and understands his position. He doesn’t make many mistakes. He can get off the ball with adequate quickness and makes solid contact. While he shows some knee bend in the pass game you don’t always see it when he is run blocking. He is not explosive but he has strength and will keep his feet moving on contact. Because he doesn’t have top knee bend in the run game he will fall off some run blocks. He is best at the line of scrimmage but can be inconsistent getting to the second level or making backside cutoff blocks.

In pass protection he sets with adequate quickness and tries to keep good position. He shows adequate knee bend but can give some ground to a good bull rusher. I have also seen him jerked off balance a few times. Still he tries to keep good position and does a fairly good job stopping wide speed. I have not seen him used to pull. 

Overall, because Mike has experience at both guard and tackle it helps his cause. He needs to get stronger and play with more consistent bend. He has the talent to be a backup in the league but I doubt he will ever be a starter. A good late round pick who may need a year on the practice squad.

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