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Jan 23

Senior Bowl notebook

With the hitting coming to an end on Wednesday, which players stood out?

Josh Huff – Receiver

Huff is a fourth year senior and a three year starter at wide receiver. He also is used to return kickoffs. Even though he didn’t start as a true freshman, he got significant play time and accumulated over 1000 yards in total offense. This year, he is the Ducks leading receiver to date with 38 catches for 703 yards and six TDs. He has returned eight kickoffs for a 26 yard average.

Huff has good size at 5’11- 205. He looks and plays taller because of his long arms. He has very good play speed to go along with excellent athleticism and body control. His play speed is in the 4.45 – 4.48 area. In the Oregon offense, he is not asked to run a number of different types of routes. He will run outs, slants, comebacks, and bubble screens with an occasional deep route thrown in. I would not say he is a precise route runner, but with his body control and quickness, he can get in and out of cuts very quickly to gain separation. Often, he is wide open. Opponents usually play a soft zone against Oregon, and they give up a lot of short throws. I don’t remember seeing Huff have to uncover versus man coverage.

Huff has very good hands, showing the ability to snatch the ball. He always catches the ball away from his body. After the catch he is a very good runner, showing a burst, elusiveness, and strength. Many of his longer gains are short passes that he turned into a big gain with his run skills. On the tape viewed, I did not have an opportunity to see Huff have to compete for the ball in traffic. He was always open. He is a willing blocker and will look for a downfield block to help a back or receiver.

This is a talented player. He has speed, hands, run after skills, and toughness. He can and will double as a returner, as his return skills are very good. He needs to develop his route running, but he will play early as a rookie and eventually be a starter in the league. I see him as becoming a solid number two receiver.