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Jun 23

Four-down territory: Is the Plus-One still an option?

Plus, USC's lack of backfield depth, Penn State loses a weapon and Auburn gets good news.

Jay Prosch – Fullback

In today’s game, a player has to be very unselfish if he is going to play the fullback position. His main job is to block, and he seldom gets to carry the ball. If he’s lucky, he may get a pass thrown his way once or twice a game. Prosch fits that profile. He has not carried the ball yet this season and has only five catches for 95 yards. While he doesn’t get a lot of glory, he is very good at what he is asked to do.

Prosch is a fourth year senior and originally started his college career at Illinois. He played at Illinois for two years before making a hardship transfer to Auburn because of his mother’s health. At Illinois, Prosch was a part-time starter, and the same holds true at Auburn. When the Tigers use a fullback, Prosch is in the game.

He lines up in a variety of ways, usually as an offset fullback but he is also used as a wing at times. Prosch has good size at about 6’0 – 245 with average speed. I would estimate his speed at about 4.7. He has a thick build with shorter arms. He is a consistent run and pass blocker, showing the ability to quickly find his block. He can adjust on the move and makes good contact. While not an over powering explosive blocker, he consistently gets the job done. When used in pass protection, he is much the same. He can use his hands, bend, and anchor. He is alert and does a good job picking up blitzes. While not used much as a receiver, he has good hands and shows instinctive run skills after the catch. He runs low and with power.

The problem Prosch has when projecting him to the next level is his lack of height. At 6’0", he is not tall enough to play as a move tight end or H-Back. He is locked into being a fullback, and there are many teams in the league that don’t carry a fullback. Because of this, I don’t see Prosch being drafted, but he will be a priority free agent for the teams that use a fullback. If he signs with the right club, he has a chance to play in the league as he also has good potential on special teams.

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