L’Damian Washington – Wide Receiver

To date, Washington leads Missouri receivers in pass reception yardage. To date, he has caught 36 passes for 680 yards and nine TDs. The fifth year senior is a two year starter and has shown improvement every year. He has excellent size at about 6’4 – 200. He has a long, lean frame and moves around like a 6’0 guy. He is both quick and fast. He has good body control and has play speed in the 4.50 range. What also helps his value is his role as gunner on the punt team.

As a route runner, Washington is still raw. While he is athletic and can make sharp cuts, he is a raw route runner. In the Missouri offense, the receivers don’t run a lot of different routes. Washington runs a lot of streaks, crossing routes, bubble screens, and comebacks. I don’t think I have seen a double move route. While he can make sharp cuts, he often rounds his cuts and isn’t precise. He has good hands, and he shows the courage to compete for the ball in traffic. He has a burst to go after deep balls and adjusts well to the ball. After the catch, he has good run skills showing quickness and the ability to make the first man miss.

Washington is still raw in relation to other prospects, but he has talent. He needs to improve his route running skills and needs to add some bulk. His play on special teams shows he has some toughness, and that will help get him on the field early while he is still learning. Right now, I see him as a mid-round type, but the arrow is definitely going up.

Marcus Lucas – Wide Receiver

There are going to be other scouts that like Lucas more than I do. He is productive in the Missouri offense, but that’s not hard in that style of offense. The fourth year senior has excellent size at about 6’5 – 220, but I don’t see real good top end speed. He plays like a 4.6 – 4.65 guy. While he has straight line quicks, he is not real nifty and can be slow getting in and out of cuts. He has good jumping ability to go up and get the ball, but he also has concentration problems. In the games viewed, I saw four dropped balls, all of which should have been caught. As big as he is, I did not see a real physical guy. He flashes physical play, but I did not see it down after down. In their offense, he is used mainly as a short to medium range receiver. He is seldom used to stretch the field. He is also used a lot on bubble screen type throws, and while he usually will catch the ball, his run after skills are average at best. 

I see Lucas marginal draftable player. He could get picked late (if he runs well), but more than likely will be a priority free agent. His size is his best strong point. He needs to improve all other areas of his game.

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