John Urschel – Guard

Urschel is a 5th year senior and a 3 year starter at right guard. He has adequate size at about 6’2 ½ - 302. He has adequate athleticism with good balance. I would not call him an overpowering player. He has adequate strength and power. His best traits are he stays on his feet and plays hard every down. He has good snap reaction and initial quickness but is not explosive on contact. He will consistently work to finish.

While he will work to get movement he can get stalemated at times but he won’t get knocked back. He does a good job with angle blocks and takes good angles to the 2nd level. I did not see him used on pulls. In pass protection he can set quickly and use his hands. He gets his hands out on his opponent very quickly and can keep them inside. He plays with bend and shows adequate anchor. He is not the most quick footed guy and can lose his man to a quick change of direction. He gave up a sack in the 3rd quarter when this happened. Overall, I see Urschel as a C level type player (rounds 5-7). His best chance to contribute early at the next level would be to learn the center position and be able to play both center and guard. He has a center’s type of body and that may eventually be his best position in the NFL.