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Nov 13

Panthers special teams coach fired

Brian Murphy axed after unit shows little improvement

Richard Rodgers – California

Rodgers is a third-year junior and a two-year starter at tight end. He was more of a conventional tight end in 2012 when he reportedly played at 270 pounds. He got down to 245 this year and played both flexed out and in tight. He had adequate production this season, finishing the season with 39 catches for 608 yards and one TD. He only has two total career TDs.

He has adequate athleticism for the position and play speed of around 4.75 with good body control. He shows some route quickness and can make sharp cuts to get some separation. He flashes good hands, and I have even seen him make a one-handed catch, but he will also have concentration drops. He shows inconsistent competitiveness in traffic going after the ball. He had some big plays, but they were due to blown coverage rather than innate ability. He shows a burst after the catch but is not a tough, hard runner. He is very disappointing as a blocker, can’t get any movement, and gives more ground than he gains. When blocking on the move or in space, he often hesitates before making contact.

Rodgers has some talent, but I don’t see a tough, competitive player. He cannot play in line at the next level. He doesn’t have the size, strength, or blocking ability. He has to be an H-Back type. He has the speed and athleticism required for that position, but is he tough enough? He could get drafted late, but I see him as more of a free agent type. Why did he come out early?

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