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Feb 10

NFL Prospect Focus: Stanford offensive line

David Yankey and Cameron Fleming are on a lot of radars.

Davis Yankey – Guard – Stanford

Size – 6050e – 313e – 5.28e

Strong Points – Three-year starter, very productive, run block, pass block, use hands, pull, physical and competitive, team co-Captain

Weak Points – Has just average speed for the position, can have some trouble playing in space.

Summation – Yankey is a fourth-year junior and a three-year starter for Stanford. He also is a team co-Captain. He lines up at left guard and is a very productive player for the Cardinal.

Yankey has very good size for a guard and is strong and explosive. There are a lot of plays on tape where you see his opponent’s legs buckle on contact. He is an adequate athlete, showing good feet, bend, and flexibility, but he lacks top speed. This shows up on longer pulls and when trying to get to the second level. He has good snap reaction and initial quickness. He gets to his blocks quickly and, as I stated above, is explosive on contact. He is able to generate movement with his run blocks. He is best when his opponent is head up. He can come off low and drive him off the line. He is also good with angle blocks. He can be inconsistent getting to the second level. He shows he can do it without a problem when it’s an onside play, but he can have trouble getting to his man when he is on the backside of the play. On short pulls, he is very effective, showing he can turn and adjust on the move. On the longer pulls, he lacks the speed to consistently get to the block. He is a very consistent pass blocker who sets quickly and can keep good position. He plays with bend and has a strong punch. He shows he can slide and recover versus moves. He is alert to pick up blitzes and stunts.

Yankey is a very steady player who will be a starter in the NFL very early in his career. He has some athletic limitations, but he is a tough, hard-nosed competitor who goes snap-to-whistle every play. I don’t see him being drafted in the first round, but he could very easily go in the second if his workouts are ok.

Grade – A 6.6