CHRIS COYLE FB, Arizona State

Chris Coyle – Tight End/H-Back

Coyle is a very interesting prospect. He plays both as an in-line tight end and as an H-back type. He doesn’t have great size. He is listed at 6’3 – 240 and looks like he may be more like 245. He is a good athlete who is strong, tough, and competitive. Coyle is not a speed merchant, but I would say he easily runs in the 4.70 – 4.75 range.

When he lines up as a “Y” he doesn’t have the blocking skills that an NFL team would want. He is tenacious and very willing, just lacks the size and power to be consistently effective. He does well as an on-the-move blocker. With his athleticism, he can break down in space and hit a moving target. He stays in a good football position and looks to finish every block. He is adequate as a pass blocker.

As a receiver, he shows good hands and is a good route runner. While not a burner, he can uncover versus both man and zone and shows he can get in and out of cuts quickly. He is competitive, will compete in traffic for the ball, and is a good runner after the catch.

With the league shifting more and more towards two tight end play, Coyle is an ideal player to be that “move” tight end. Right now, he blocks better in space than many of the “move” guys in the league. He is reliable as a receiver and looks to have very good special teams potential. While he is not a guy that a team would draft in the first three rounds, I think he could easily be a fourth round type. There are too many things he does well.

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