Kenarious Gates – Offensive line

Gates started at left tackle and also played some right guard in this game. To put it mildly, he struggled. He gave up at least 2 sacks in the game and a few pressures and after that I stopped watching.

Gates is knocked kneed and straight legged. He plays with no bend. When he tries to get low he has to widen his base because he can’t bend. He has a tendency to bend at the waist when he gets out of position on a play. He plays mostly from a 2-point stance and is slow to set. He has limited lateral agility and recovery. He gets beat wide by speed rushers often.

In the run game he flashes because he has size and strength but because he can’t bend he has poor explosion and can’t play with leverage. He is not a consistent finisher and will fall off blocks and struggles to get to the 2nd level. His ability to adjust on the move is poor.

In my opinion, Gates is not an NFL prospect. He lacks the athleticism required to make blocks at the NFL level. Off of this game I wouldn’t even sign him as an undrafted free agent. Georgia plays South Carolina this week and Jadeveon Clowney has to be praying that Gates is still the starter at left tackle! If I were Murray I might call in sick for the game.