Kirby Ennis – Defensive Tackle

Ennis is a starter at defensive tackle in the Aggie 4-3 scheme. He usually lines up in a 0, 1 or 2 technique. He plays in a rotation and often comes out for obvious passing downs.
He is a 5th year senior and a two year starter. He is listed as being 6’4" – 310, but he looks much bigger. He has a thick build and looks to be about 320. While he is big, he is not very athletic. He shows some straight line quicks but he has no speed and just average change of direction. He shows average snap reaction but can often get tall. He seldom gets penetration and is not disruptive. He was credited with only 1 tackle in the game.
What Ennis does best is occupy blocks. While he doesn’t get penetration, he rarely gets knocked off the line. He does a good job staying on his feet. He has strength and power and can hold the point. He can be slow to shed and does nothing in pursuit. When rushing the passer he can get a little push but nothing else. He shows no moves to and has average hand use to get rid of blockers.
Ennis may have some interest from some 3-4 teams as a nose tackle because he has size and strength. He will never be an active type defensive lineman and I don’t see him ever being better than a backup. A late choice at best but probably an undrafted free agent.

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