Andrew Wilson – Linebacker

Wilson lines up as the Mike linebacker in the Tigers defense. He is a fifth year senior and a three year starter. Wilson has prototypical Mike linebacker size at 6’3 – 240. He is athletic, and on tape, looks more quick then fast. He has quick feet, with good lateral agility and does a good job moving through trash. I don't see really good speed. He looks to be a 4.75-4.80 type. While he lacks good top end speed, he makes up for it with top instincts and quickness. He is a good pursuit player and always takes good angles to the ball.

As I said above, Wilson is a very instinctive player. He is quick to react and is consistently around the ball. He shows strength at the point and can shed quickly. He also has the quickness to slip or elude blocks. He is a consistent, aggressive tackler. In short, Wilson is a playmaker in the run game. In pass coverage, I don’t ever see him in man coverage, but he has a good drop and is able to get depth and keep receivers in front of him. He shows awareness and good ball reactions. His plant and drive is adequate.

Overall, I see Wilson as a 3-4 inside linebacker in the NFL. His instincts will help make up for his lack of top speed. Many 4-3 teams will downgrade him some because of his speed. In a 3-4 he has a chance to be an eventual starter, but the worst case scenario is, he becomes a top backup and special teams' player. Looks to be a late mid-to-late round pick, but if he runs well, he will get drafted higher. His tape is good.