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Feb 10

NFL Prospect Focus: Stanford offensive line

David Yankey and Cameron Fleming are on a lot of radars.

Cameron Fleming – Tackle – Stanford

Size – 6060e – 320e – 5.45e

Strong Points – Is a three-year starter, has great size, long arms, strength, flashes as a run blocker and a pass blocker

Weak Points – Average athlete, not a natural bender, can have trouble with wide speed in pass protection, speed, not really explosive, not consistent with running his feet

Summation – Fleming is a fourth-year junior and a three-year starter at right tackle. He has great size with long arms, but he is an average athlete for the position. He lacks speed (5.45 est), is not a natural knee bender, and has just adequate foot quickness. Still, he is a well-coached, productive, and competitive player.

He plays from both a two-point and three-point stance. He has good snap reaction with adequate initial quickness. He is a little tall in his stance but still comes off low. In the run game, he shows strength, but he is not explosive. He is more of a big pusher than an explosive blocker. He makes good contact, but he often stops his feet and then restarts them. Against lesser competition, he can get away with that, but when he is up against top players, he can get stalemated. Still, with his strength he can generate some movement and flashes being able to turn and seal his opponent. He can be inconsistent getting to the second level because he lacks speed, but he does take good angles. When he gets to his blocks, he can be tough to shed because of his size, long arms, and strength. In pass protection, he doesn’t show consistent set quickness. He can handle a bull rush well because of his size, but he can get a bit straight-legged. When he goes up against speed rushers, he gets beaten off the ball at times and doesn’t have the lateral agility to stay with them consistently. Because he lacks top bend when he gets beaten off the ball, he can have a tendency to bend at the waist and over-extend. His long arms are helpful when this happens. With his average feet and agility, he can have some trouble with counter moves back to the inside. Again, his long arms and good punch help in these situations.

Though he is not a top athlete, he is a competitor and has been well coached. There are similar athletes who are starting and productive players. Fleming is a smart player, and with his competitive nature, he can overcome his limitations. I see him as an eventual starter in the league and a probable mid-round pick (third, fourth round).

Grade – B 6.5