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Jun 04

Ohio State suspends two starters

Stoneburner and Mewhort were arrested early Saturday.

Jack Mewhort – Tackle – Ohio State

Ohio State has a few offensive linemen who are prospects, but the best is left tackle Jack Mewhort. Mewhort has excellent size for the position at about 6-6 and 310. He has good arm length, plays with strength and can bend. He was the only Ohio State blocker who could block Buffalo’s Mack. Wewhort showed very good run blocking skills in this game, consistently getting movement and being able to get to the second level on a consistent basis. He shows good “pop” on contact to go along with good leg drive. He is a consistent finisher. In the pass game he is able to set quickly. He has a good punch and can mirror opponents through moves. He shows quick feet, good bend and can recover. You seldom see him give ground to a bull rush. Buffalo’s defensive line was not that good, so I want to see Mewhort against better competition but off of Saturday’s play he looks to be a premium round pick.