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May 18

Saints sign first-rounder Brandin Cooks

Wide receiver signed

Size - 5010e - 188e - 4.45e

Strong Points - Very productive, hands, routes, run after catch, has returned kicks

Weak Points - Lacks ideal size

Summation - Cooks is a third-year junior who entered the Draft as an underclassmen. He was one of the most productive receivers in the country for the 2013 season with 128 receptions for 1730 yards and 16 touchdowns. He also ran for 217 yards on 32 carries.

Cooks is not the biggest receiver. He is listed as being 5010 - 188 and may not be that big. He is an excellent athlete with speed and very good body control. I would estimate his play speed as being in the 4.45 area. He has very good quickness, instant change of direction, and can stop and start as quickly as any player I have ever seen.

In the Oregon State offense, he isn't required to run a lot of different routes, but he does run very good routes. He can cut very quickly and easily gains separation. His ability to cut multiple times in a route and stay under control is rare. He is used mostly on bubble screens, comebacks, crossing routes, and go routes. He has very good hands and easily adjusts to the ball in the air. He consistently catches the ball away from his body.

Despite his lack of top size, he is fearless in traffic and very competitive going after the ball. After the catch, he has excellent run skills. He is an instinctive runner who can make multiple defenders miss in space. With his burst and speed, he is a threat to turn any short catch into a long gain. As a blocker, he is willing but not consistently effective. As a freshman, Cooks returned kickoffs and averaged better than 22 yards per return. He returned punts this year for a six yard average.

Brandin Cooks is a very exciting receiver to watch. He is quick, fast, elusive, and competitive. I see no reason why he wouldn't step in and start as a rookie in the right situation. Big receivers are in vogue in the NFL right now but Cooks has a special skill set. He will be best off as a slot receiver and should put up big numbers once he gets accustomed to the NFL game. I see no reason why he wouldn't be a top return guy, also. His size may keep him out of the first round but he will be long gone before the midway part of the second round.