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Feb 02

NFL Prospect Focus: Morgan Moses and Cyril Richardson

The two mammoth offensive linemen will be eventual NFL starters

Cyril Richardson – Guard – Baylor

I saw tape of Richardson both before and after my look at the Senior Bowl, and I believe that his play at Baylor was far better than his play in Mobile. Richardson is a fifth-year senior and a three-year starter at right guard. He measured 6044 – 343 with 33.87” arms at the Senior Bowl.

Needless to say, he is a huge man, but I see only an average athlete. He has some straight-line quickness, but he lacks speed and his change of direction is average. I would estimate his speed at about 5.55.
On tape, Richardson can get low in his stance and shows fairly good initial quickness. That wasn’t the case at the Senior Bowl, where I thought he was tall in his stance and showed just average initial movement. At Baylor, he showed good initial contact and was able to generate movement because of his size and strength. He was inconsistent getting to the second level because he lacks top change of direction and adjust-on-move ability. He was adequate on short pulls, but struggled with long pulls because of his lack of speed and agility. At the Senior Bowl, he played very straight legged and was not able to get the movement I saw on tape. He also struggled in space.

In pass protection, he has a good punch and can anchor because of his size, but he, again, has a tendency to get to straight legged. He flashes knee bend. You just don’t see it on a consistent basis. When he plays without bend, he can have a tendency to over-extend and fall off his blocks. He has adequate feet to slide and recover.

Richardson has talent. He is just too heavy. If he can get his weight down to about 320, he has a chance to be a starter in the NFL. He flashes being able to do all the things required to be a winning guard in the league, but to be a consistent player and play to that level, he needs to have more mental discipline and control his weight. Right now, I see him as a mid-round pick.