Anthony Steen – Guard

Steen is another 5th year senior and three year starter at right guard. He doesn’t impress you form a physical standpoint. He has a very average frame and is maxed out as far as size. He has short legs and a long torso and looks to have just average arm length. He isn’t overly quick and lacks speed, but he is efficient, productive, and is seldom off his feet. At the end of the game, you count up the plusses and minuses and he has an awful lot of plusses.

Steen has good snap reaction along with good initial quickness. He gets to his block with quickness. While he isn’t what I would call an explosive athlete, he is strong and consistently works to finish every block. He is an all-out competitor. He gets to the 2nd level and makes productive blocks because he always takes good angles. He knows how to play the game. In this game he wasn’t used to pull. In pass protection he can set fairly quickly and knows how to use his hands. He has a compact punch and can mirror his opponent. He is an alert player who is good at seeing and picking up stunts and blitzes.

This is the type of player that I would try at center. If he can play both positions, he carries more value. While he isn’t a “trait” athlete, he is a competitor and doesn’t make mistakes. Guys like that find a way to play in the league and eventually start. They may not be pretty but they get the job done.