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Jun 23

Patriots sign first-rounder Dominique Easley to $7.303 million deal

Patriots sign rookie offensive lineman Chris Martin

Dominique Easley - Defensive Tackle - Florida
Size - 6020 - 288 - 4.75e
Strong Points -
Very good athlete, excellent initial quickness, disruptive vs the run, pass rush, use hands
Weak Points -
Has had an ACL surgery on both knees, lacks ideal size and arm length, can be slow to find ball.
Summation -
Easley is a fourth year junior who is entering the draft. Enrolled in 2010 and played as a backup in 6 games. Started 12 games in 2011. Stated 11 games in 2012. Only played in 3 games in 2013 before sustaining a knee injury.
At 6020 - 288 Easley lacks ideal defensive tackle size, but he is a very good athlete with strength and explosion. He is extremely quick off the ball and is consistently able to get penetration and be disruptive versus the run game. While he gets that quick penetration, he doesn't always find the ball. There have been times when he has gotten into the back field, forced the back to make a cut yet doesn't make the play because he doesn't see the back. He needs to show more awareness.
With his speed and quickness he is an excellent pursuit player. He shows consistent hustle, has speed and takes good angles. With his quickness he is also very effective versus the outside run. As a pass rusher he gets off the ball quickly and can use his hands. He has the quick feet and change of direction to make a counter move and shows a top burst off a block to the quarterback. Despite his lack of great size, he is a productive bull rusher. He can stay low and has the explosive snap in his hips to generate power and push his opponent back. He is a consistent and aggressive tackler.
Overall, Easley has the natural tools to be a very effective 3 technique defensive tackle. While he can play as a 5 technique, I don't see him as having the physical tools to be as effective. His and athleticism.
While Easley has the talent to be a first round pick, his durability is a huge issue. The medical people will determine if he goes high or low.