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Dec 14

NFP looks at prospects playing in the Rose Bowl.

Russ Lande breaks down a handful of prospects playing in the Rose Bowl.

Chris Borland – Linebacker – Wisconsin

Size –
5113 – 248 – 4.83

Strong Points – Very productive, instincts, shed, defense run, pass drop, zone coverage, effective pass blitzer

Weak Points – Height, very short arms, will miss some tackles because of his short arms, average timed speed, man coverage

2013 Stats – 112 total tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss, four sacks

Summation – Chris is a fifth-year senior and a three-and-a-half-year starter for the Badgers. He started the last half of his freshman year in 2009 but then got injured in game three of 2010 and took an injury redshirt. He was a starter from 2011 – 2013. He played the Will linebacker position for Wisconsin in 2013.

Borland is very instinctive and very productive. He is the consummate overachiever. When you look at him, you say that he is not supposed to make the plays that he does. He is short wth short arms and has very average speed. Still, he is athletic and explosive with very good short area quickness and change of direction. His instincts and reactions are so good that it allows him to play much faster than he times.

When playing the inside run, he is quick to react and fill. While he can be slow to shed blocks at times because of his short arms, he is able to slip or avoid blocks with his quickness. He has a great feel for plays and is always around the ball. When playing the outside run, he shows very good anticipation and has the lateral agility and quickness to get to the play.

While he has a large number of tackles, he will miss some because he can’t consistently wrap-up with his short arms. He is a hitter and is very competitive.

In pass coverage, he is best in zone. He takes good drops, getting depth, and has good receiver awareness. He can struggle some in man coverage because he lacks the size and speed to consistently stay with bigger players. As a blitzer, he is effective because he can avoid blocks and times his blitz well.

If Boreland were a little taller and had longer arms he would be a first round pick. While he lacks the ideal physical traits to play at the next level, he is an outstanding football player. In the right situation, he can be a starter and will be productive. Don’t ever count this kid out. He just has too much competitive fire!

Grade B 6.5