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May 15

Bengals rookie A.J. McCarron determined to get 'last laugh'

Former Alabama standout fell to fifth round

A.J. McCarron – Quarterback

I wrote up McCarron for the NFP a few months ago so I am not going to repeat what I wrote then. As much as I liked him over the summer, I like him more now. McCarron is not a flashy player like A&M’s Johnny Manziel, but he is a very steady winner who rarely makes mistakes and is just about flawless managing a game.

McCarron is a 5th year senior and a three year starter, and if things go the right way, may be the only quarterback in college football to win three National Championships. He has very good size at 6’4-215 and good overall athleticism. Being that he plays in a pro style system, that helps him to be ready for the next level. He is patient, poised, and an excellent leader. While he doesn’t have a rocket arm, it is more than good enough. He has very good mechanics, a quick release, and is very accurate. He has very good vision, is a good decision maker, and makes plays when they are needed. He is a good enough athlete to make or extend plays with his feet. In the Texas A&M game, he completed 20 of 29 passes for 334 yards and 4 touchdowns. He did not throw an interception. In his career, he has thrown only 8 interceptions in 490 passing attempts. You don’t lose games when you don’t turn the ball over.

In order to be a winning quarterback in the NFL a player has to possess intangibles. He has to a have a strong passion for the game, be a leader, make good decisions, and have the respect of his coaches and teammates. McCarron has all those traits. There is not a doubt in my mind that he will be a winning quarterback in the NFL and start early in his career.