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Jun 18

Cowboys sign second-rounder DeMarcus Lawrence

Defensive end agrees to terms

Demarcus Lawrence - Defensive End - Boise State
Size - 6027 - 252 - 4.80
Strong Points -
Very productive, pass rush, defense run, use hands, competitive and aggressive, has very good instincts, showed at Combine that he could drop into coverage.
Weak Points -
Size to play defensive end in the NFL, does not have much experience in coverage, questionable hands.
2014 Season Stats -
72 total tackles, 20.5 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks
Summation -
Lawrence is a fourth year junior who is entering the Draft as an underclassmen. He started off at Butler Community College in Kansas in 2010 and res shirted. He played for Butler in 2011 and then transferred to Boise State. He has been a two year starter at Boise at defensive end and has been a very productive player. In 2013 he totaled 72 tackles with 20.5 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks. In two seasons at Boise State he has totaled 20 sacks!
Lawrence lines up at DE in the Bronco defense. He is usually a 5 technique but at times is at a 7 or up on his feet. He is quick off the ball and with his good instincts he is always around the ball. He lacks great size at 6027 - 252, but he has long arms, knows how to play with leverage and is strong. You seldom see him knocked off the ball and he knows how to use his hands to shed.
He is best as a pass rusher, as he is quick off the ball and uses his hands well to get by his opponent. He has the explosiveness through his hips to gain ground as a bull rusher. He also has the flexibility to lower his shoulder and get under his opponent when speed rushing. With his quick feet and hand use he is good with counter moves.
At the Combine, he did linebacker drill and showed the back pedal, turn and burst needed to play in coverage. His plant and drive in transition was also good. What lacked was his hands, as he struggled to catch the ball.
Overall, Lawrence will be valued the highest by the 3-4 teams. He can be an every down player as he can play the run, rush the passer and drop into coverage when needed. There are some 1 gap 4-3 schemes that will also value him as a right end because of his pass rush talents. I can see Lawrence drafted as high as the second round in May's NFL Draft.