Mobile FAQS

About the NFP Mobile App
  • Q: What is NFP Mobile App?
  • A: The NFP Mobile App delivers NFP to your BlackBerry® smartphone and iPhone/iTouch. The NFP Mobile App automatically updates your phone with the latest headlines, and you can save full-text articles for reading when offline without a wireless connection. Other features include a customizable tab named "My Feeds" which allows users to search and add RSS feeds from other sites and blogs.
  • Q: Is NFP Mobile App free, or is it a paid service?
  • A: NFP Mobile App is a free application (depending on your plan, standard carrier data charges may apply).
  • Q: What content is available on the Mobile App?
  • A: NFP Mobile App brings all your favorite articles from
  • Q: Does the NFP Mobile App have the same articles as the NFP site?
  • A: The articles you see on the Mobile App are the most recent articles from NFP. Additional articles and features are available on NFP.
  • Q: What sections of are available on the Mobile App?
  • A: sections that are available on the Mobile App are:
    • Hot News and Rumors
    • NFP Experts
    • Fantasy
    • Team news
    • Scouting Dept.
    • Daily Jolt

For more information about using NFP Mobile, click here. Use the "Advanced Search" to navigate to NFP "Mobile App", then select your mobile platform.