Gregg Williams said he never doubted he would get another chance to coach in the NFL again.

And he is quite happy that opportunity comes with the franchise where he began his coaching career _ the Tennessee Titans (who were still the Houston Oilers when Williams originally joined them).

Williams' role as the Titans senior defensive assistant has created quite a stir, given that some would view it as him lurking over the shoulder of defensive coordinator Jerry Gray. But Williams says that is not the case at all. Williams and Gray have coached together at stints with the Titans, Bills (where Williams was head coach and Gray the DC) and the Redskins.

"We are so much on the same page. One of the things we’ve done for all these years, the years we’ve been apart, we traded so much information back and forth,” Williams said via TitanInsider. “It has just been a real good match and a real comfortable match for everybody.

“We're very open and we speak a lot, but we always have, like I said, even when we haven't been together. He's like a brother. I'm not that much older than him anyway. We've always called and remained in contact. We've done a pretty good job trying to divide up the workload.”

Williams, returning from a year-long suspension for his part in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, says one thing he wants from the Titans is for them to be aggressive and to set the tempo on defense.

"Well, aggressive is how we're going to be and we’ll never, ever, ever apologize for competing,” Williams said. “We want to be as attacking as we can on defense, and we want to be able to set the tone on who we play against at all times. … We'll play exactly how we have to play from a toughness standpoint and from an effort standpoint."

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