Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Ace Sanders is facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL substance-abuse policy.

He's been placed on the non-football illness list.

Sanders is going to seek counseling during a leave of absence rather than practice during the preseason prior to the start of his suspension.

"This is just solely something that I felt I needed to do," Sanders said. "I’ve made some mistakes that I do regret, that I do honestly regret. I could have handled situations a little differently. I’m still just dealing with it. I’m trying to be a better person and a better teammate for everybody and everybody around me.

"I decided to go seek that help, get that attention that I need. Hopefully, somebody can help me out and I should be okay. I should be fine. I just want to get better and come back and be ready to play."

Sanders caught 51 passes last season as a rookie.

"I decided to seek the help that I need," Sanders said. "Hopefully somebody can help me out, and I should be fine. It's really like counseling, just from anybody who can really give me some insight on some personal issues that I have. Give me some type of ground that I can at least start from and figure out everything that's going on."

"I really think that I will come back and be ready to play. This time that I'm taking just to get everything in order is going to be really helpful. This has been a situation that kind of has been brought out to the light to me for a while, so I had some time to cope with it myself: OK, you messed up, where do you go from here?"

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