Each year for Christmas I send my clients a modest Christmas gift. It’s not easy figuring out what to get them because most of them have everything they need. Anybody can do the typical Harry and David’s gift basket, but my staff and I try to do something that has a thoughtful touch to it.

If you haven’t been to Brookstone lately, you will be amazed what they have there. Here are some gift ideas for your hard to buy for client.

1) The Belicopter (Parrot® AR.Drone® Quadricopter Power Edition). This state of the art stealthy copter, with a video camera, is perfect for spying on your neighbors or divisional opponents. Controlled from your computer or ipad, the commissioner may never know who’s spying on whom.

2) The 12th man outdoor speaker and dock: You want to know what it’s like going to a Seahawks game at Century Link field? Crank up a few of these bad boys in your backyard to a Kid Rock song and you will be sure to not hear your wife boss you around. Like a Seahawks, Packers or Steelers fan, inclement weather won’t affect the output. Travels well on the road too.

3) The Suh Stick and Find locator: After taking a few hits from Ndamukong Suh, your QB may rely on these on Monday morning to find his keys, wallet, or phone. These clever little spotters stick on your belongings like Darrelle Revis on a receiver. The Bluetooth app helps remember where you left whatever you are looking for. I definitely have a few clients in mind for these.

4) The Gruden Jawbone UP24: If you want to keep track of how active your players are in the offseason, get them this bracelet-like gadget. If John Gruden is starting to drink too many Corona’s he may lose his active mojo style. John may want to track his movements and see if he starts slowing down to a margaritaville pace. This device will monitor all you do 24/7.

5) The Welker Mi-Power tube phone charger: It’s compact, portable, powerful and is capable of getting you out of a jam. When your main battery dies there no excuse to keep going with one of these packed away in your man purse. Like Wes, don’t let its size fool you.

There are gifts out there for everyone. You just have to be a little crafty and think outside the box when getting your client the perfect gift. Check out hammacher.com or redenvelope.com for many more holiday gift ideas.

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