Ray Rice took the first step in moving forward from his domestic abuse incident involving himself and his wife Janay Rice.

Taking questions for the first time since he and his wife, his fiancee at the time, were arrested in February for assaulting each other at Revel Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., Rice publicly apologized and said he will own what happened that night.

"My actions were inexcusable," he told reporters.

Rice also said, "I let my wife down, I let my daughter down. I let my wife's parents down. I let the whole Baltimore community down."

Rice declined to talk about the specifics of what happened inside the elevator, stating it wouldn't do any good for anyone. He also said the pain of being suspended from football doesn't compare to what he and his wife are dealing with on a day-to-day incident post-incident.

He said "when the time is right" he and Janay Rice will assist victims of domestic abuse.

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