Sources say tension with Dolphins had been mounting for weeks in practice

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It was an extremely tense week in London surrounding the Miami Dolphins prior to them being embarrassed by the New York Jets and subsequently firing coach Joe Philbin upon their return to the United States.

Frustrations have been mounting for weeks, and escalated Saturday during practice prior to the game. Philbin has also been struggling on how to handle his franchise quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, who had been getting rattled even in practice sessions.

On Saturday during practice, Tannehill, after a couple of practice squad players forced turnovers, Tannehill made negative comments toward them, including saying: “Enjoy your practice squad paycheck, enjoy your practice squad trophy.”

Sources say this has been going on for the past few weeks as the practice squad players have been intercepting Tannehill and frustrating the former Texas A&M wide receiver turned quarterback.

The frustration for Tannehill stemmed from the entire situation as well as the Dolphins haven’t won a game since the season-opener. Tannehill is an extremely competitive person, and the struggles of the offense have angered him significantly.

Philbin told the practice squad players to take it easy on Tannehill to not affect the young quarterback’s confidence.

However, that didn’t prove to be an effective strategy.

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27 Responses to "Sources say tension with Dolphins had been mounting for weeks in practice"
  1. a57se says:

    That is hysterical, if true!!!

  2. Mike says:

    RT has been the most sacked qb since his rookie year. Like David Carr he’s probably burnt out at all the hits and getting gun shy. They should just run the ball more, but not with Miller, he’s a 3rd down back nothing more.

    • Steven Uhl says:

      The offense is not designed to run. Look what Chip Kelly is doing in Philly with Murray. This system sucks. Get rid of Lazor. Find a fullback that can block and pound the Rock. The offense will begin to get a rhythm. Calling plays and playing offense is like dancing. You have got to have a rhythm and running the ball get’s you into that rhythm. Unfortunately the Dolphin Offense needs to get a fullback and change the mentality of it’s O-line. Get Nasty and move people!

    • FootBallJunk says:

      You do know there is a reason QBs get sacked and it’s not just because the o-line is bad. #1 The QB is not escaping and the internal clock isn’t working. Example – Russell Wilson. #2 The QB is an ass. Example Jay Cutler.
      While you look at the Seahawks in which their O-Line does suck. Part of the blame is placed on Wilson. Wilson excepts this and works at it just like the O-Line is working on improving.
      The O-Line for the Bears hated Jay Cutler and would often let him get sacked. While I think it may be a mix I most likely lean to Tannehill is just an ass.

      • ScupperFrank says:

        If Russel excepts blame being placed on him, it makes absolutely no sense for him to work on it, because he is negating -indeed, rejecting -the critique(s) directed at him!

  3. Neal says:

    If the practice guys are that play them more

  4. Eli says:

    Philbin no doubt should have never been hired, we got to stop hiring coordinators. But even more delusional was to pay Tannehill the money we did, he is no Francise QB he can’t throw past 20 yards with accuracy and stares down receivers in the pocket. Predictable and inaccurate….is that an elite QB? Hell is that a NFL QB

  5. Steven Uhl says:

    Lazor? Really?? That guy has to go also. Chip Kelly type systems are not going to work in the NFL. No fullback! No running game! First and goal at the one yard line in the Shotgun! You really do not know football if you think Lazor is safe. He has to go also.

  6. Nico says:

    It all started with Incognito getting kicked off the team. The Dolphins are soft.

  7. Steve says:

    I call BS on this report players have already said nothing of the sort happend

  8. Let’s say this is all true. Why would the OC call only Pass Pass Pass? They give up on the run so fast. 7 carries last week for Miller. Also Football players talk smack. Tannehill has nothing but to make fun of them via practice squad checks. What else you think he can say? Everyone is so PC and soft now, that this is a story. If anything I blame Tannehill for nothing saying Dallas Thomas sucks and is going to get him hurt. THE OL is a JOKE. NO RUNNING LANES. Can’t even give RT 2 seconds. If you wanna hate…. Hate with fact’s. No football team can win without a OL. Look at the Eagles.

  9. Erin Doolittle says:

    This reporter writes for the Houston Chronicle? His grammar is an abomination.

  10. Jess says:

    Well first off I am very suspect of this whole article.. all I had to see was who happen to write it,, (a reporter for Houston texans??) Not a Miami reporter.. now I’m sorry but that in itself i found very very odd…

  11. Mia says:

    Remember that first series? I think it was the first series. Anyways, it was 3rd & 15 and Tannehill dumped the ball off to his running back. If you look at that play, there were receivers running 15 – 20 yard routes. Tannehill just checked down without letting the play develop.

  12. SUPERJETFAN says:

    Looks like the monkey is on vacation in miami ! Ha ha ha ha ha

  13. Patrick says:

    If the story is true and he actually said those things to the practice squad ; what a class-less quarterback 6 year $95 million contract extension? They need to put this overpaid loser on the practice squad, and then take the $21.5 million dollar guaranteed money they wasted on him and divide it evenly among the players in the practice squad who are able to pick him off and force turn overs. I’m sure they would be enjoying practice squad paycheck then

    . Been rooting for this team for many years. I hope the Dolphins come to their senses and bench this ass and start Matt Moore before it’s too late

    Tannehill what a bust! Ronnie Brown was a better quarterback! Good ol Wildcat offense..

  14. ck says:

    signing culpepper over brees……….hahaha

  15. Norma W. says:

    IF these comments are true that Tannehill is making those kind of comments to his own teammates whether on the practice squad or not, he needs to take a step back and look in the mirror. It’s not like Tannehill is this hall of fame QB, so he needs to check himself before talking trash to anyone else! Those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones Tannehill!!!

  16. Philbin was actually telling that squad to take it easy on the o-line. This line is getting him killed and forcing bad throws. Of course qb deserves some blame but the clock in his head is set for “I’m out of time”.

  17. Oscar says:

    Lousy coach. Check” Lousy defense check” Over rated And Overpaid Lousy QB Check”. Lousy GM Check”. FUBAR”

  18. Daniel says:

    Well it turns out either you or your source is a liar. The paycheck comment was debunked not only by Tannehill but be a REAL reporter who was imbedded with the team. Not only that but it was a walkthrough. The scout team knew the plays and routes that were to be run. It was only meant for timing and you had one guy jumping predetermined routes to try and make a name. You totally misrepresented the story and Ryan Tannehill. You should be liable for garbage reporting like this.

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