AP: NCAA drops Rich Rod charge in Michigan ruling

According to The Associated Press, the NCAA will announce on Thursday that Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez did not fail to promote an atmosphere of compliance at the school.

In the wake of a Detroit Free Press report last year, the NCAA accused Michigan of five major rules violations related to exceeding practice and workout time. The report prompted investigations to be performed by both the school and the NCAA.

The school accepted responsibility for the four allegations regarding practice and training time, but the administration challenged one allegation — that Rodriguez failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance with NCAA rules.

According to the AP, the school is very happy with the ruling expected to come down Thursday.

In May, the university said that its self-imposed sanctions included probation for two years and reducing training time by 130 hours over two years, doubling the amount of time the Wolverines exceeded NCAA rules. Seven people were also reprimanded, including Rodriguez.

Rodriguez led the Wolverines to a 5-0 start but the Wolverines have lost their last three games. They play Illinois on Saturday.

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