Favre no closer to making a decision on future

Kurt Warner plans on announcing his NFL future at a press conference on Friday, allowing the Arizona Cardinals ample time to prepare for life without their star quarterback if he indeed plans on stepping away from the game. The sentiment is that Warner doesn’t want to hog the spotlight any longer than he has to, so a quick decision plays more to his personality.

Can the Minnesota Vikings expect a similar announcement from their star quarterback, Brett Favre, anytime soon?

Not likely.

However, Favre’s older brother Scott may have the inside track on getting the scoop before any of us, as he hopes to find out about his brother’s plans for the offseason and 2010 season over a round of golf.

“I’m sure once he’s healed up a little bit I’ll try to get him out on the course and start playing,” Scott said. “Right now he couldn’t swing [a club]. He was beat up physically and mentally [against the Saints]. He was emotionally drained. Physically, he hurt both wrists, both ankles, one leg, head bruised. He was beat all to hell. That’s part of it.”

Brett left for Mississippi on Tuesday morning, seemingly uncertain about about whether he’ll play a second season in Minnesota.

“We’ll talk about [his plans] at some point,” Scott said. “I’m not not going to bring it up and ask him what he’s doing because there’s no telling how many people have already asked him. But he’ll talk about it at some point."

Scott doesn’t think his brother has made a decision as of yet whether to play again because of the nature of the loss last Sunday to the Saints in the NFC championship game. Brett’s last throw was a costly interception that eliminated any chance of a potential game-winning field goal that would have sent Minnesota to the Super Bowl.

“As beat up as he was emotionally, physically, he couldn’t make the right decision or a clear decision right then.”

While Scott remains torn on whether he wants to see his brother play one more year, he does feel that Brett’s decision will be extra difficult because of the relationship he forged with his teammates.

“He really does like them. I know with him and Sidney and Percy and Adrian. All of them. The line, defensive guys. For some reason he just bonded with them from the start. They took him in. He just fit in. Sometimes that happens and I definitely think he felt comfortable and wanted there from the start.”

“I knew he wanted [a championship] for himself but he wanted it for those guys too.”

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