Hogan couldn't walk a mile in Stanzi's shoes

Everyone remembers Hulk Hogan's entrance music back in the good old days of the WWF, before chairman Vince McMahon was forced to change the company's abbreviations to WWE.

Hogan told us to say our prayers and take our vitamins, and we bought what the Hulkster was selling.

Now, there's a new American hero in the world of sports entertainment. Well, in the world of football at least.

Former Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi, currently ranked as the No. 6 QB on the NFP Big Board, is the subject of a video tribute on YouTube. Check it out below if you want to meet a proud American icon.

Thanks to YouTube user IowaHawk19 for having this video on his YouTube channel and to the good people at HawkeyeLounge.com for some of the images in the video.

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