Oklahoma sits atop the first BCS Standings

They’re finally here. The first BCS Standings of the 2010 season were released Sunday night, and Boise State was not atop the rankings. That spot belongs to Oklahoma, who is No. 3 in both the AP Top 25 and USA Today Poll.

Oregon, which was just named the No. 1 team in the nation for the first time in the AP poll, checked in at No. 2. The BCS national championship game pits the top two in the final BCS Standings.

Here is the BCS formula — how these rankings came about: Harris Interactive Poll (1/3) + USA Today Coaches’ Poll (1/3) + Computer rankings (1/3).

Here is the top 10.

The BCS Standings

1. Oklahoma
2. Oregon
3. Boise State
4. Auburn
5. TCU
6. LSU
7. Michigan State
8. Alabama
9. Utah
10. Ohio State

A few thoughts:

*Will the voters in the USA Today and Harris Interactive polls be against ranking Boise State, TCU or Utah — non-AQ schools — No. 1 if Oregon, Oklahoma and other unbeatens fall over the next few weeks?

*Boise’s difficult path is best represented by this: The Broncos fell from No. 2 to No. 7 in the computers after beating San Jose State 48-0. Yes, they fell five spots for shutting out an opponent.

*Alabama is lurking at No. 8 and still have to play two teams above them. There is still hope for the Crimson Tide.

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