49ers will earn some serious frequent flyer miles in '10

One of the cool features of the NFL schedule layout over at NFL.com is that it shows how far every team in the league will travel this season.

The 49ers better invest in some portable DVD players and ipods.

San Francisco will travel farther than any other NFL team in 2010, logging a grand total of 33,264 miles.

To put that in perspective, the Denver Broncos will travel the second-most amount of miles at 23,184. Outside of San Francisco and Denver, only four other NFL teams (Miami, Oakland, San Diego, Seattle) will travel over 20,000 miles.

The 49ers play road games at Atlanta, Carolina and Green Bay.

The team that will log the least amount of time in the air? That would be the Baltimore Ravens, who have to travel just 7,270 miles this season.

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