Dez Bryant sounds off on pro day workout

Dez Bryant is certainly a target—not only for quarterbacks, but critics as well.

The former Oklahoma State wide receiver sounded off to the Associated Press after his pro day workout on Tuesday—a workout that didn’t exactly include the “wow” factor that many experts were expecting.

"I'm not the type of person that will try to confront somebody, but now I feel like it's gone too far. It's gone too far," Bryant told The Associated Press. "I ain't never got in trouble with nobody. I never said anything. I don't say anything wrong to nobody. I'm friendly. This here is too far.”

The criticism of Bryant started pouring in on Tuesday after the wideout turned in 40-yard-dash times of 4.52 and 4.68 seconds—a bit slower than many in attendance were expecting from a guy considered to be the top wide receiver prospect in this year’s draft class.

But it didn’t stop there. Bryant’s excuse for the unimpressive times was that he forgot to bring his best cleats to the workout—a workout of the utmost importance for a young man who hasn’t performed athletically for scouts since his final game at Oklahoma State on September 19.

"What do this got to do with me playing football? Even if I did forget my cleats, what do that have to do with me playing football? I don't think it has anything to do with me playing football."

Look, we all know the guy is a player. At 6’2”, 220-pounds, Bryant’s got plenty of tape to back up the fact that he can get the job done on the field.

But this process isn’t just about what a guy can do on the field. It’s also about what type of person he is off it. And what Bryant needs to do is convince at least one football team that he’s capable of contributing on Sundays in a big way long after he puts his John Hancock on a multi-million dollar contract.

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I apologize for the quality of the video, but it doesn't negate the fact that Bryant's got football speed.

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