Freeney’s ankle dominates Colts’ media session

MIAMI, Fla--Standing around Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney’s station during Tuesday morning’s Media Day at Sun Life Stadium, you’d have a tough time figuring out what’s more important.

The status of his ailing ankle or a little-known game referred to as the Super Bowl that will be played this Sunday in Miami.

Forget about Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and head coach Jim Caldwell.

Never mind the game plan regarding how to slow down Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the NFL’s most explosive offense. The hot story (until the Saints’ media session starts) is Freeney and his ankle.

The All-Pro defensive end did confirm Tuesday morning that he has a torn ligament in his right ankle. The funny part was he was asked about that same ankle at least 50 times.

“Are you rehabbing it?”

“Is it stiff, sore? How would you describe it?”

“Do you think you can play?”

“How does it feel?”

And so on went the questions.

ESPN actually had a girl keeping count of how many questions Freeney was asked and how many of those questions were related to his ankle. No lie. I was standing next to her and asked what all of the counting she was doing on the notepad was for (yeah, I ask the tough questions).

Just to break up the monotony, I figured I’d throw a football question into the mix and ask Freeney what separates Saints quarterback Drew Brees on tape from the rest of the QBs he’s seen this season.

“The thing about Drew is he has great pocket presence,” Freeney told me. “He feels the rush, he knows where his hot routes are, he knows where his check-downs are and he knows how to get rid of the ball in a hurry.”

“What separates him from the rest is that a lot of quarterbacks don’t feel that.”

And then, we went back to the ankle questions.

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