Hell yeah! We (finally) have a winner

I'm still a hack that went 1-2 this past weekend, but two of you finally stepped up and ripped off a 3 for 3 week!

Congrats to "Toast67" and "JoPasGlasses," who finally give me something to write about on a Monday other than how we all need to "step it up."

Toast won with the Colts, Falcons and Titans. JoPa won with the Falcons, Titans and Ravens.

Since we haven't had any winners prior to Week 5, I said to hell with the tiebreaker and will hook you both up.

Shoot me an email at Joe.Fortenbaugh@NationalFootballPost.com with your names, addresses and tee shirt sizes and I will send out a beanie and tee shirt later this week.

Good shit, guys.

Upcoming Games

Jan 16th, 4:35 PM

LA Rams +6.5 -110

Green Bay -6.5 -110


Jan 16th, 8:15 PM

Baltimore +2.5 -120

Buffalo -2.5 -120


Jan 17th, 3:05 PM

Cleveland +10 -105

Kansas City -10 -105


Jan 17th, 6:40 PM

Tampa Bay +3 -115

New Orleans -3 -115