LVH releases an additional 80 point spreads for the 2014 regular season

The first to market with Week 1 NFL point spreads, the LVH sports book in Las Vegas upped the ante Sunday evening with the release of an additional 80 lines for games scheduled to be played in Weeks 2 through 17 (five per week). The latest offering is being billed as the LVH’s “NFL Games of the Year,” giving one of the most well respected shops in the business the most extensive professional football betting menu available.

The complete rundown is listed below, in addition to the Week 1 point spreads the LVH posted two weeks ago following the release of the 2014 regular season schedule. The following are some observations we made about the current betting menu:

1. Nine of defending champion Seattle’s 16 regular season games are now available for wagering, with the Seahawks posted as favorites in eight of those matchups (2.5-point underdog at San Francisco in Week 13).

2. Of the 80 new options to hit the board Sunday evening, San Francisco and Green Bay are favored more than any other team (8 times each).

3. The New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans are the only two teams to not be listed as an underdog in any of the 80 new betting options.

4. The home team is currently favored in 14 of the 18 Thursday night games scheduled to be played in 2014.

5. The largest line on the board outside of Week 1 takes place in Week 5, with the Green Bay Packers opening as a 9-point home favorite over the Minnesota Vikings.

6. Of the 80 new point spreads to hit the board Sunday evening, no team is listed as an underdog more times than the Chicago Bears (8).

7. The home team is favored in 13 of the 17 Monday night games scheduled to be played in 2014.

8. Of the 96 games now available to bet, there are 22 matchups that feature a home underdog.

9. Of the 80 new options that hit the board Sunday evening, Buffalo, Houston, Jacksonville, San Diego, Oakland, Tampa Bay and Arizona are the only teams that are never favored.

10. For the games listed from Week 2 through Week 17, San Francisco and Chicago lead the way with 11 of their games now available to wager upon.

CLICK HERE to check out the LVH’s Week 1 opening lines.


Seattle Seahawks (-5.5) vs. Green Bay Packers [Thursday]
Atlanta Falcons (-2) vs. New Orleans Saints
St. Louis Rams (-5.5) vs. Minnesota Vikings
Pittsburgh Steelers (-5) vs. Cleveland Browns
Philadelphia Eagles (-11) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Jets (-4.5) vs. Oakland Raiders
Baltimore Ravens (-2.5) vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Chicago Bears (-6.5) vs. Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans (-2.5) vs. Washington Redskins
Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) vs. Tennessee Titans
New England Patriots (-3.5) at Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers (-2.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
San Francisco 49ers (-4) at Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos (-7) vs. Indianapolis Colts
Detroit Lions (-4) vs. New York Giants [Monday]
Arizona Cardinals (-3.5, even) vs. San Diego Chargers [Monday]


Baltimore Ravens (-3, -120) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers [Thursday]
Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) at San Diego Chargers
Denver Broncos (-7.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs
San Francisco 49ers (-6.5) vs. Chicago Bears
Indianapolis Colts (-2.5) vs. Philadelphia Eagles [Monday]


Atlanta Falcons (-5.5) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers [Thursday]
Green Bay Packers (-2) at Detroit Lions
Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) vs. Denver Broncos
Carolina Panthers (-3, -120) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Jets (-1) vs. Chicago Bears [Monday]


Washington Redskins (-2) vs. New York Giants [Thursday]
Green Bay Packers (-1) at Chicago Bears
San Francisco 49ers (-6) vs. Philadelphia Eagles
New Orleans Saints (-1.5) at Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots (-2) at Kansas City Chiefs [Monday]


Green Bay Packers (-9) vs. Minnesota Vikings [Thursday]
Dallas Cowboys (-4.5) vs. Houston Texans
Carolina Panthers (-3) vs. Chicago Bears
New England Patriots (-4) vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle Seahawks (-6) at Washington Redskins [Monday]


Houston Texans (PK) vs. Indianapolis Colts [Thursday]
Cleveland Browns (-1) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Seattle Seahawks (-8.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles (-5) vs. New York Giants
San Francisco 49ers (-4) at St. Louis Rams [Monday]


New England Patriots (-7) vs. New York Jets [Thursday]
Green Bay Packers (-5.5) vs. Carolina Panthers
Dallas Cowboys (-3) vs. New York Giants
Denver Broncos (-3.5) vs. San Francisco 49ers
Pittsburgh Steelers (-4.5) vs. Houston Texans [Monday]


Denver Broncos (-7.5) vs. San Diego Chargers [Thursday]
New England Patriots (-6.5) vs. Chicago Bears
Pittsburgh Steelers (-3, even) vs. Indianapolis Colts
New Orleans Saints (-3.5) vs. Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys (-4) vs. Washington Redskins [Monday]


Carolina Panthers [-2.5] vs. New Orleans Saints [Thursday]
Dallas Cowboys (-3) vs. Arizona Cardinals
New England Patriots (-3, even) vs. Denver Broncos
Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) vs. Baltimore Ravens
New York Giants (-2) vs. Indianapolis Colts [Monday]


Cincinnati Bengals (-6.5) vs. Cleveland Browns [Thursday]
New Orleans Saints (-3, -120) vs. San Francisco 49ers
Denver Broncos (-7.5) at Oakland Raiders
Green Bay Packers (-6.5) vs. Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5, -120) vs. Carolina Panthers [Monday]


Miami Dolphins (-4.5) vs. Buffalo Bills [Thursday]
Green Bay Packers (-4.5) vs. Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers (-3.5) at New York Giants
Indianapolis Colts (PK) vs. New England Patriots
Tennessee Titans (-1.5) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers [Monday]


Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) at Oakland Raiders [Thursday]
Chicago Bears (-5) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
San Francisco 49ers (-7.5) vs. Washington Redskins
New York Giants (-2.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys
New Orleans Saints (-6) vs. Baltimore Ravens [Monday]


Detroit Lions (-3, -120) vs. Chicago Bears [Thursday]
Dallas Cowboys (PK) vs. Philadelphia Eagles [Thursday]
San Francisco 49ers (-2.5) vs. Seattle Seahawks [Thursday]
Denver Broncos (-3.5) at Kansas City Chiefs
New York Jets (-1) vs. Miami Dolphins [Monday]


Chicago Bears (-3) vs. Dallas Cowboys [Thursday]
San Francisco 49ers (-7) at Oakland Raiders
Seattle Seahawks (-2.5, -120) at Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots (-1.5) at San Diego Chargers
Green Bay Packers (-6.5) vs. Atlanta Falcons [Monday]


St. Louis Rams (-2.5) vs. Arizona Cardinals [Thursday]
Denver Broncos (-3.5) at San Diego Chargers
Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) vs. San Francisco 49ers
Philadelphia Eagles (-4) vs. Dallas Cowboys
Chicago Bears (-1) vs. New Orleans Saints [Monday]


Tennessee Titans (-3.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars [Thursday]
San Francisco 49ers (-6.5) vs. San Diego Chargers [Saturday]
Philadelphia Eagles (-1.5) at Washington Redskins [Saturday]
Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) at Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos (-3) at Cincinnati Bengals [Monday]


A tlanta Falcons (-1.5) vs. Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers (-3.5) vs. Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings (-1) vs. Chicago Bears
Pittsburgh Steelers (-1.5) vs. Cincinnati Bengals
New York Giants (-1) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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