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It’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

You spent the fall watching these guys play football and the winter reading up on their potential at the next level. Check out some of the most popular Combine prop bets that are floating around the internet below and hit up the comments section with your predictions.

And away we go…

Best 40-yard dash time by any player: 4.30

OVER: +105
UNDER: -135

Where to book it: Sportsbook.com

If you like the UNDER: Go to Bodog.com, where you can get it at -120.

Torrey SmithDoes Smith have the speed to crack 4.3?

Analysis: Since 1999, only nine players have turned in an official 40 time of under 4.3 seconds, with Clemson’s Jacoby Ford being the last to do it back in 2010. Maryland wide receiver Torrey Smith is one of the front-runners to crack 4.3 this year, but at 205 pounds, Smith would be just the second player since 1999 to run a sub-4.3 after measuring in at 200+ pounds. The last to do it was coincidentally Maryland wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, who weighed approximately 210 pounds when he clocked-in at 4.25 back in 2009.

Prediction: OVER. If you agree, you can give yourself an extra hundredth of a second at BetOnline.com where it is currently listed at 4.29 (-120).

Most reps at 225 pounds (bench press) of any player: 41.5

OVER: -120
UNDER: -120

Where to book it: Bodog.com

Analysis: Short arms are the key, but even that doesn’t guarantee success in the bench press. Since 1999, only eight prospects have posted 42 or more reps on the bench, with Eastern Kentucky defensive tackle Justin Ernest recording a staggering 51 back in 1999. LSU defensive tackle Drake Nevis and Wisconsin guard John Moffitt are two candidates who could cover the OVER this week.

Prediction: UNDER, but go to BetOnline where the O/U is listed at 43.5 for a tasty +110.

Who will have the fastest 40-yard dash time?

Cam Newton (Auburn): -140
Jake Locker (Washington): EVEN

Jake LockerLocker's got the wheels, but is he faster than Cam Newton?

Where to book it: Bodog.com

Analysis: Newton’s been getting all the love as of late, but don’t sleep on the mobile Locker. The Washington quarterback is three inches shorter and approximately 20 pounds lighter, which should give him the edge coming out the blocks for the first ten yards.

Prediction: UPSERT ALERT! I’ll take the more favorable odds and go with Locker.

Who will have the fastest 40-yard dash time?

A.J. Green (Georgia): -150
Julio Jones (Alabama): +120

Where to book it: Sportsbook.com

Analysis: Both receivers should check-in right around 6’4, but Green could come to Indianapolis anywhere from 15-20 pounds lighter than Jones. In a race that features two evenly matched participants, I’ll take the better odds.

Prediction: Julio Jones

Who will record the most reps on the bench press?

Marcell Dareus (Alabama): -110
Nick Fairley (Auburn): -130

Nick FairleyNick Fairley vs. Marcell Dareus: Iron Bowl Part II?

Where to book it: Bodog.com

Analysis: As of Thursday, this is essentially a coin flip. The best advice I can give is to wait for the weigh-in results and take the player with the shorter wingspan. In addition, there’s always a chance that either Dareus or Fairley shows up heavy and out of shape, which would be the indicator to go the other way.

Prediction: Marcell Dareus. If you feel the same way, go over to BetOnline where you can currently get Dareus at +110 (Fairley is -150).

Who will have the fastest 40-yard dash time?

A.J. Green (Georgia): -120
Jon Baldwin (Pittsburgh): -120

Where to book it: Bodog.com

Analysis: Baldwin’s weight will be the determining factor. Some experts feel that the Pittsburgh wideout has the burners to run a sub-4.4 based on the speed he demonstrated back in 2009. But Baldwin looked a bit heavy and sluggish in 2010 and could be ripe for a fall vs. the lighter Green. In addition, keep in mind that Bodog opened this prop with Baldwin at -130 and Green at EVEN, but made the adjustment to -120 for both players within 24 hours.

Prediction: Wait until after the weigh-in, but I’m giving the edge to Green.

Who will record the most reps on the bench press?

Da’Quan Bowers (Clemson): -125
Adrian Clayborn (Iowa): -105

Where to book it: Sportsbook.com

Analysis: Bowers underwent knee surgery shortly after Clemson’s bowl game loss, which means he was laid up and unable to train for a short period of time. In addition, Bowers has already stated that he will only lift at the Combine and doesn’t plan to do any running. With one prospect operating at less than 100%, I’m going with the more favorable odds.

Prediction: Adrian Clayborn

Who will have the fastest 40-yard dash time?

A.J. Green (Georgia): -140
Prince Amukamara (Nebraska): +100

Where to book it: BetOnline.com

Analysis: The odds are simply too good to pass up.

Prediction: Prince Amukamara

Who will have the fastest 40-yard dash time?

Patrick Peterson (LSU): -160
Prince Amukamara (Nebraska): +130

Patrick PetersonWill Patrick Peterson take down Prince Amukamara?

Where to book it: Bodog.com

Analysis: Bodog realized they made a big mistake when they opened this prop at -120 for both players, as it didn’t even take 24 hours for Peterson to become the heavy favorite. Regarded by many as one of the fastest prospects in this year’s draft class, Peterson’s a virtual lock if he shows up at 220 pounds or less.

Prediction: Patrick Peterson

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