Report: McNabb doesn't want to go to Oakland

Another day, another twist in the ongoing Donovan McNabb saga.

The latest intel to surface regarding the six-time Pro Bowl quarterback comes from, who is reporting that McNabb doesn’t want to play for the Raiders and would refuse a trade.

Unfortunately for D-Mac, he doesn’t have a no-trade clause in his current contract. But if McNabb’s adamant about not playing for the silver and black, it’s not a bad move to let his intentions be known prior to a deal going down in the hopes of discouraging the Raiders from bringing in a player that doesn’t want to be there.

Of course, we’re talking about Al Davis and the Raiders here, so even that may not be enough.

In the event No. 5 does land in Oakland, expect the Raiders fans to become more aggressive on internet message boards than ever before. Landing a Pro Bowl quarterback is one way Oakland could put an end to their current seven-year streak with 11 or more losses in a season.

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