Running Back Workload Analysis

Welcome to the 2011 National Football Post Running Back Workload Report. The purpose of the following chart is to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the running backs who handled the ball the most during the 2010 season.

You can’t score fantasy points without touching the football. That’s why it’s important to study the following chart prior to your fantasy draft to get an understanding of how valuable each NFL running back is to his respective offense.

Be sure to study the “Impact” column to get an idea of which running backs make up the biggest percentage of their team’s offense.


Touches: Rushing Attempts + Receptions
TC (Total Chances): Rushing Attempts + Targets
Rush: Rushing Attempts
Tgts (Targets): Number of passes thrown to the player.
Rec (Receptions): Number of passes caught by the player.
TP (Total Plays): Total number of offensive plays run by the player’s team.
Impact: Rushing Attempts + Targets divided by Total Offensive Plays. Essentially, this is the percentage of plays in which the offense gave or tried to give the ball to the player.


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