The Sportsbook Sniper has officially launched!

Odds, point spreads, line movements, betting alerts and more.

You can now find them all at the National Football Post.

We officially launched our new Sportsbook Sniper feature Wednesday morning, where you can find everything you need to see which way the sharps are moving the line, how the public’s money is affecting the spread and more. We even created a section in our forums where we want you to make and track your picks for the season.

Who knows? The next great handicapper could be one of our readers.

To access all of this brand-new intel, just click on the Sportsbook Sniper tab at the top of the NFP’s main page. Or, you can just CLICK HERE.

A big thanks to the guys at, who have partnered up with us on this project.

Side note: Be sure to check out the Sportsbook Spy feature, which displays what percentage of the action is on each side of the point spread and total as well as which way the line is moving.


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