Week 9 Pick 'Em Contest

Last week’s betting strategy almost paid off.

I told you guys to pick against me (what the expert’s would call “fading”) and if you followed that advice, you’d have gone 2-1. Not bad, but not enough to win.

This week, lets try something new: Pick against yourselves.

Unless you’ve been clocking in at 2-1 on a semi-regular basis, go against your natural instincts and see what happens. That’s my plan of attack for the day.

Now, the rules…

NFP Pick ‘Em Contest Rules:

1. Pick three (3) games against the spread. Be sure to use the lines from the right side of the chart (current).

2. You MUST get all three games correct.

3. Enter your picks in the comments section below and try to write them out like I do at the end of this story.

4. In addition, be sure to leave a guess for the TOTAL AMOUNT OF POINTS that will be scored in Sunday night’s Cowboys-Packers showdown. This will serve as our tiebreaker.

5. Do NOT pick the Monday night game.

6. The winner(s) will be announced in the Run & Shoot blog on Monday. I'll need your address so I can hook you up with an NFP tee shirt and beanie.

The Tipper’s Picks (a pathetic 10-14 on the year, 1-2 last week)

CLEVELAND BROWNS (+4) vs. New England Patriots

NEW YORK GIANTS (-7) at Seattle Seahawks

MIAMI DOLPHINS (+5) at Baltimore Ravens

Who ya got?


Upcoming Games

Aug 5th, 8:00 PM




Aug 12th, 7:30 PM


New England


Aug 12th, 7:30 PM