Will Philly finish with a winning record? Oddsmakers say no

The disappointment in Philadelphia surrounding the Eagles’ shocking 1-4 start has become one of the most talked-about stories around the country. As a result, the team at BetOnline.com has posted three Eagles-related proposition bets focusing on how the team will close out their 2011 campaign.

As you can see below, there doesn’t appear to be an abundance of faith in Philadelphia turning it around this season.

Note: For those of you who may be new to this, “+275” means that you would make $275 for every $100 wagered. “-350” means you would have to risk $350 to win $100.

Will the Eagles finish with a winning record?

Yes: +275
No: -350

Will Andy Reid be the Philadelphia head coach next year?

Yes: +100
No: -140

Will the Eagles make Playoffs?

Yes: +300
No: -400

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