Historical Scouting Report: Dick Schafrath

NAME: Dick Schafrath POSITION: LT TEAMS: 1959-71 Cleveland Browns UNIFORM NUMBER: 80 (1959), 77 (1960-71) Overall Analysis STRENGTHS • Excellent downfield blocker • Very competitive WEAKNESSES • Can lose his balance on occasion • Can get pushed back in pass protection • Defenders could stand him up, getting him to lose leverage BOTTOM LINE Schafrath’s game had some deficiencies. In pass protection, he could get pushed back, beaten on the edge and lose his balance. However, it did not often result in negative plays. Defenders could get pressure on the quarterback, but did not sack the quarterback. He was effective in getting downfield to block on sweeps and screens. Was weak with his cut blocks. Struggled to maintain balance in pass protection. GRADING SPECIFIC FACTORS OVERALL ATHLETICISM (QAB): 7.4 QUICKNESS: 7.5 AGILITY: 7.8 BALANCE: 7.0 STRENGTH AND EXPLOSION: 7.1 COMPETITIVENESS: 7.9 MENTAL ALERTNESS: 7.5 INSTINCTS: 7.5 RUN BLOCKING: 7.6 PASS BLOCKING: 7.2 OVERALL GRADE 7.5 NUMBER OF GAMES REVIEWED: 4 GAME: December 27, 1964 - Baltimore Colts: 7.8 BOTTOM LINE The film is of poor quality. This film is a highlight film. As a result, not all plays are shown. Schafrath played left tackle and faced right defensive end Ordell Braase (#81). He was very good in both run blocking and pass protection. At one point in the third quarter, Brasse got around Schafrath and caused a fumble in the backfield. It was not shown how Brasse got around Schafrath. He may have released Brasse in order to block downfield, as he had on a few other plays in the game. The film did not show Schafrath getting beat, but it did show him getting pushed around and pushed back. Schafrath was knocked off balance on occasion. Very competitive. Very good athleticism to get out in front of screens and sweeps. GAME: October 8, 1966 - Pittsburgh Steelers: 7.3 BOTTOM LINE: This is a Game of the Week film. As a result, not all plays are shown. Schafrath played left tackle and faced right defensive end Ben McGee (#60). Schafrath struggled at times in pass protection. McGee was able to get good penetration into the offensive backfield, especially on a bull rush. In the second quarter, Schafrath blocked McGee low. McGee jumped over him and pressured quarterback Frank Ryan (#13). Later in the second quarter, Schafrath did an excellent job picking up a stunting linebacker Rod Breedlove (#63). Schafrath was knocked off balance on a few occasions. Very good run blocking downfield. Schafrath left the game in the fourth quarter, when the game was well in hand. He was replaced by John Brown (#70). Overall, Schafrath was beaten around the edge, pushed back, thrown around and missed some cut blocks. However, none of this led to negative plays. GAME: October 30, 1966 - Atlanta Flacons: 7.8 BOTTOM LINE: This is a Game of the Week film. As a result, not all plays are shown. Schafrath played left tackle and faced right defensive end Sam Williams (#88). Excellent downfield blocking. In the second quarter, he made a very good block out in front of a sweep. Very good in pass protection. However, there were times when he stood too straight up and lost leverage against the defender. He was repeatedly pushed back into the pass pocket, as well as knocked off balance. GAME: September 21, 1970 - New York Jets: 7.0 BOTTOM LINE: Schafrath played left tackle. Depending on the formation, he faced either right defensive end Verlon Biggs (#86) or right defensive tackle John Elliott (#80). Schafrath was very good in run blocking. However, he was a little slow when pulling to the opposite side of the field to block on the sweep. He struggled in pass protection. Lateral movement was not smooth and he was slow to get into his stance, which made him relatively easy to knock off balance. On several occasions, the defender was able to get by him to pressure quarterback Bill Nelsen. In the first quarter, he made a good cut block on a screen pass. However, in the same quarter, he was run over by Biggs. He was repeatedly beat on the edge. With all of these struggles in pass protection, he did not give up a sack. HISTORIC REPORTS GRADING SCALE Hall of Fame 9.0 - Rare 8.5 - Exceptional to Rare 8.0 - Exceptional Hall of Very Good 7.5  - Very Good to Exceptional 7.0 - Very Good 6.5 - Good to Very Good Other 6.0 - Good 5.5 - Above Average to Good 5.0 - Above Average 4.5 - Average to Above Average Ken Crippen is the former executive director of the Professional Football Researchers Association. He has researched and written about pro football history for over two decades. He won the Pro Football Writers of America’s Dick Connor Writing Award for Feature Writing and was named the Ralph Hay Award winner by the Professional Football Researchers Association for lifetime achievement on pro football history. Matt Reaser is a member of the Professional Football Researchers Association and serves on multiple PFRA committees. He has written articles on football history and recently contributed towards a book on the 1966 Packers. He has researched high school, college and professional football. He is a former high school quarterback. Follow Ken on Twitter @KenCrippen

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