Throwbacks #3: Mysterious

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President Nixon wasn't the only president to resign on August 8th, 1974. This week, we tell the story of the downfall of the WFL, as well as the story of the most hyped player to never play a game. Or did he?

Music featured in this episode by the following (in order of appearance):  

et_ - Kopeika
YACHT - Holly Roller

Milt Buckner - The Beast

Los Amigos Invisibles - ChaChaborro

Remus - Resistance main theme

Charles Atlas - Demus

Jose Travieso - Zombie Nation

Hugh Masekela - Grazing in the Grass

The Freak Fandango Orchestra - Requiem for a Fish

Our first story, "Papergate and the demise of the WFL" was written and read by Denis M. Crawford. He is a freelance writer in Boardman, Ohio. He is the author of "McKay's Men" and "Hugh Culverhouse and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers". Denis is an assitant editor of the Coffin Corner and his currently working on this third book, a biography of sports entrepreneur John Bassett.

Our second story was written by Michael D. Benter. He is a freelance writer and sports historian from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A member of the Professional Football Researchers Association and the North American Society for Sport History, Benter has written three books, two football-related: The Badgers: Milwaukee’s NFL Entry of 1922-1926 (St. Johann Press, 2013) and The Green and Gold Glory Years Quiz Book: Green Bay’s Championship Teams of the 1960s (Benterprises Publications). He is an occasional contributor to Coffin Corner, a publication of the PFRA. 

If you like the show, want to be a part of it, or want to see us cover a great story, please reach out to me at

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