Browns owner Haslam weighs in on Manziel, Gordon

<p> Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam commented for the first time on rookie quarterback Jimmy Haslam's hard-partying ways.</p> <p> "The league prohibits us from commenting on these situations," Haslam said of Gordon's unresolved status. "I'll say this. First and foremost, we care about our players and want our players to take care of themselves and make good decisions, and we're going to do everything we can to support [them].</p> <p> "At the same time, the players have to understand they're accountable to themselves, to their teammates, to the front office, and to our fans. People have to understand that, and I'll leave it at that."</p> <p> What about Manziel's tendency to be the life of the party?</p> <p> "I think Johnny said it well," Haslam said. "He made some rookie mistakes. The really great athletes make their news on the field, not off the field. Hopefully Johnny can look at guys like LeBron [James] and [Tom] Brady and Peyton [Manning] and [Derek] Jeter and pattern [himself] after those guys who make their news on the field, not off the field."</p> <p> When asked if Manziel is hearing him, Haslam said: "We'll see. We expect better from him."</p> <p> Manziel acknowledged mistakes.</p> <p> "I'm sure they all made their mistakes at 21, 20 years old when they first came in the league," Manziel said. "But what I take away from that is you learn from the best, and you learn how those guys have carried themselves, which is extremely well on and off the court. I absolutely agree with Mr. Haslam that I can learn from guys like that."</p> <p> Manziel said he's simply having a good time.</p> <p> "Here's the thing that I want to say," Manziel said. "The reason that I'm popular and the reason that people follow me and there's been such a buzz around me is when I went out on Saturdays at Texas A&M I played with an extreme amount of passion and I played with my heart on my sleeve. But more than anything, I had fun. I have fun playing this game. I have fun going out on this field playing football. It's what I live for. It's what I do. The same way off the field. Whether I'm going out and playing golf, whether I'm going out and having a nightlife, whatever it is I have a lot of fun. That's what my life is. And luckily for me I'm living out my dream of playing in the NFL having a ton of fun.</p> <p> "My dream has come true and [I] finally got some time to get some downtime and celebrate that with my family, with my friends. This is the greatest life that I could have ever imagined for me, and I'm loving that. Will I continue to get better being a professional and learn lessons about life? Of course. I'm 21 years old. And age is not an excuse, but I need to mature, and I have done some immature things. But moving forward I'm going to try and mature and get better at handling myself as a professional. That's really all I can say about that."</p> <p> Follow me on Twitter: <a href="">@RavensInsider</a></p> <p> Aaron Wilson covers the Ravens for The Baltimore Sun</p>
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson covers the NFL for National Football Post, his second stint at the Post. He has previously written for Pro Football Talk and FOX Sports-Scout. Entering his 13th year covering the Baltimore Ravens, he's a beat writer for The Baltimore Sun. Wilson has also covered the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans.

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