Dee Milliner says he's the best cornerback in the NFL

<p> These days, every NFL player preaches they're the best at their position.</p> <p> New York Jets second-year corner Dee Milliner is no different. Speaking to the New York Daily News' Manish Mehta, Milliner <a href="">talked up a big game about already being at the top</a>.</p> <p> “The best corner in the league? Me,” Milliner told New York Daily News' Manish Mehta. “I ain’t gonna say that somebody else is better than me.”</p> <p> If you say so, Dee.</p> <p> To play the cornerback position, one has to be confident and cocky by nature. If there's any level of hesitancy, you're done. It's a job that requires going toe-to-toe with some of the best athletes on the planet, and keeping pace within the coverage. And if you get beat badly, you have to shake it off and go back out there again like nothing happened, despite 60,000-plus people inside a stadium and (potentially) millions around the country watching you fail.</p> <p> So in a sense, kudos to Milliner for being upfront about his thoughts on being the best cornerback in the NFL in just his second season. Some may write off what he said and claim he hasn't earned his stripes yet to be saying this. But for Milliner, what else should he say? That Richard Sherman, Darrelle Revis and Patrick Peterson are better? He could and he'd be correct. But for someone searching for a competitive edge, it wouldn't work in his best interest mentally.</p> <p> Confidence is key at cornerback, and Milliner should personally believe he's among the best, if not the best — whether or not he's right about it.</p> <p> Follow me on Twitter: <a href="">@JasonHButt</a></p>
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson covers the NFL for National Football Post, his second stint at the Post. He has previously written for Pro Football Talk and FOX Sports-Scout. Entering his 13th year covering the Baltimore Ravens, he's a beat writer for The Baltimore Sun. Wilson has also covered the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans.

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