Depth for hire

The draft and the flurry of UDFA signings that occur immediately after are over. There are still plenty of players, evaluated by our own Russ Lande, that we think should at least see a tryout with an NFL team. Here's a look at some of them.

1) Mike Taylor, OLB, Wisconsin - GRADE: 5.0 G - Highly productive throughout his college career, Taylor is an undersized linebacker (Although he measured 234 at the Combine, he reportedly played in the 220’s) who lacks the elite speed and athleticism to be as productive in the NFL. While I do not believe that Taylor has the physical skills to be a front-line starter, he is the type of linebacker that often makes it in the NFL as a special teams player initially and works his way into a starting job where he does a solid, workman-like job. Taylor will be a good fit with a team that plays a 4-3 defense and is looking for a tough, hard-nosed backup outside linebacker with great intangibles. He will have to prove himself on special teams as a rookie, but if he can maintain 230+ pounds and improve his shed ability then he could work his way into a starting job in time. - FULL SCOUTING REPORT - VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS

2) Drew Frey, SS, Cincinnati - GRADE: 4.8 I - A tall safety with good size and deceptive quickness and speed, Frey has the physical talent to at worst be a quality backup safety and high end special teams player. His good instincts and playing speed give him sideline range versus the run and in coverage and combined with his ball skills he has the tools to break up passes thrown in front of him. I love his willingness to come up and make hard hits/tackles in run support, but he has to become a much more consistent tackler if he is going to get on the field on defense in the NFL. He likely wasn't drafted due to his inconsistent tackling and struggles recovering in man coverage, but he has value because he could potentially be an excellent third safety and impact special teams player. - FULL SCOUTING REPORT - VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS

3) Brodrick Brown, CB, Oklahoma State - GRADE: 4.7 G - Brodrick Brown is and extremely interesting prospect that has a spot in the NFL. He has been a three year starter at Oklahoma State, where you can always find him somewhere around the ball. He has fantastic ball skills with the ability to knock passes away or make big interceptions. His small stature will limit his usefulness as an every down starter in the NFL. He is best suited to be a nickel corner where he can be used primarily in coverage and would keep him from having to play the run game where he is least effective. He can also be used on all phases of special teams but will need to work on his hand usage so he can work on disengaging from blocks and be a factor. While playing defense he would best fit a zone system where he can use his nature coverage instincts and short area burst to make plays on a much more consistent basis. Brown has the tools to develop into a solid nickel cornerback. He reminds me a bit of current Bears’ cornerback DJ Moore. - FULL SCOUTING REPORT - VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS

Tracey LampleyUS PRESSWIRETracey Lampley of Southern Miss against the Houston Cougars

4) Tracy Lampley, WR, Southern Mississippi - GRADE: 4.4 G - Tracey Lampley is a very athletic player with the ball in his hands. His athleticism allows him to be effective in the open field and his speed allows him to run away from defenders. However, his size will be a big concern in trying to take his game into the NFL. He isn’t a polished route runner who can easily get open, which complicates his chances at the next level. Generally, players as small as Lampley won’t hold up to the NFL pounding, and there have to be questions about his durability. However, his athleticism, speed and big-play open-field running ability (especially in the return game) make him a good UDFA to consider as he could be a good return man with the ability to make plays out of the slot position if he can improve on his route running ability. - FULL SCOUTING REPORT

5) Dominick Reyes, S, Stony Brook - Russ didn't scout Dominick, but I had the chance to interview him as part of our "Character Guys" series. Reyes isn't the Safety archetype. At 6'4", 220 lbs, he looks more like a small linebacker. But when you see him in coverage, he erases any doubt he's in the right spot. The team captain and defensive MVP, he played in all 48 games at Stony Brook the past 4 years, starting every game the past 3. He is now the all-time leader in tackles at Stony Brook and was voted 1st Team All-Big South in 2012 and 2nd Team All-Big South in 2011. His 75 tackles this year ranked 3rd on the team, a number that included 9 tackles for loss (never blitzed). He would be the tallest safety in the league if he made a roster. And he got his 40 time down to 4.59 at his pro day. If you watch his highlight reel, you'll be convinced he's at least worth a look. - FULL INTERVIEW - VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS

The rest of the pack

Dylan Breeding, P, Arkansas - GRADE: 4.7 I
Dan Spitz, OT, Washington State - GRADE: 4.5 F

Isi Sofele, RB, California - GRADE: 4.4 G

Duane Zlatnik, OG, Kansas - GRADE: 4.4 F

Rashard Hall, FS, Clemson - GRADE: 4.4 E

Kenneth Tate, OLB, Maryland - GRADE: 4.3 J

Jarred Holley, CB, Pittsburgh - GRADE: 4.3 G

Jason Weaver, OG, Southern Mississippi - GRADE: 4.2 F

Josh Hubner, P, Arizona State - GRADE: 4.0 I

Sam Schwartzstein, C, Stanford - GRADE: 4.0 I

Dominique Sandifer, WR, San Diego State - GRADE: 4.0 F

Will Pericak, DL, Colorado - GRADE: 4.0 F

Vaughn Telemaque, FS, Miami - GRADE: 3.9 M

Walter Stewart, OLB, Cincinnati - GRADE: 3.9 I MEDICAL

Cooper Bassett, DE, Oklahoma State - GRADE: 3.9 I

LaRod King, WR, Kentucky - GRADE: 3.9 I

Scott Kovanda, P, Ball State - GRADE: 3.9 I

Shane McCardell, DL, Mississippi State - GRADE: 3.9 I

Walter Kazee, RB, San Diego State - GRADE: 3.9 G

Josh Wade, CB, San Diego State - GRADE: 3.9 F

Anthony Watkins, FS, Oregon State - GRADE: 3.8 I

Feti Unga, ILB, Oregon State - GRADE: 3.8 G

Colby Prince, TE, Oregon State - GRADE: 3.8 F

Daimion Stafford, FS, Nebraska - GRADE: 3.8 F

Cordian Hagans, DL, UL Lafayette - GRADE: 3.8 E

Andre Booker, WR, Marshall - GRADE: 3.70 I

Scott Vallone, DL, Rutgers - GRADE: 3.7 F

Leonardo Bates, OT, UL Lafayette - GRADE: 3.6 I

Nick Williams, WR, Connecticut - GRADE: 3.6 G

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