The 7 best draftee reaction videos of the weekend

1) Justin Pugh being drafted 19th by the Giants - Everyone has seen this by now, and it's still one of my favorites. The all out attack at the 1:55 mark should be in next year's draft commercials.

2) Denard Robinson being drafted 135th by Jacksonville - No audio on this, but while Denard cleans his ear, he gets a top-tier photobomb.

3) D.J. Hayden being drafted 7th by the Raiders - Skip right to 1:58. Pretty great reactions from everyone. The highlight, though, comes at 2:12, when the woman to his right is able to silence everyone with a double-shoosh. She should probably be hired as a locker room control specialist.

4) JJ Wilcox gets drafted 80th by the Cowboys - At first, JJ seems really annoyed that someone is calling him during his harem's draft party until he realizes it's because he's being drafted.

5) Hugh Thornton drafted 86th by the Colts - One of the best non-reactions ever, yet you can tell he's overwhelmed by it.

6) FSU players react to Xavier Rhodes getting drafted 25th by the Vikings - I know it's not a draftee reaction, but I thought it was worthy of inclusion. Their EJ Manual reaction is pretty good, too. (though contains strong language)

7) Ryan Jensen gets drafted 203rd by the Ravens - And he must leave his draft party and report to mini-camp immediately

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